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Soul Vibe Lounge™ (SVL) is a new live entertainment showcase that serves up an “Authentically Good” mix of live comedy and music showcases and special events.


SVL events feature a variety of well-known and up and coming comedians and musical acts that will take the audience from having tears in their eyes from laughing to head nods and toe tapping.


SVL caters to a mature audience and provides a cozy & intimate atmosphere for patrons to enjoy a great evening of live entertainment and themed special events.


To add to an already entertaining evening, SVL provides a full food and drink menu for audiences to enjoy a meal with their show. VIP guests receive the “VIP Treatment” which includes dinner, front row lounge / table seating and a complimentary bottle of champagne or wine for their enjoyment.


SVL events will be every 30 to 60 days in Sacramento, CA and are held at various venues in the greater Sacramento area.


SVL is a division of the Sac City All Star Weekend corporation and is sponsored by various local and national companies/corporations.


SVL event tickets are available through

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